aBoUt ZeBaGs

In the 80's, I fell in love with my first Kenya bag.

As an apparel design student at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, I always had my Kenya bag at my side. The only problem with my bag was it was not large enough for all my stuff. I knew I could create a larger, updated and stylish Kenya bag for the 21st century. My passion for design and creating style led me to create the original Zebag in 2007 -- fashion meets practical, style meets space. I love blending colorful twists with traditional Kenyan craftsmanship to create these stylish bags. An Eco fashionable, stylish and colorful westernized Kenya bag was born.

Next I needed the right materials and the best producers. Using my sourcing experience in the apparel industry, I found a fabulous group of Artisans in Kenya. These Kenyan women spend most of their days working on the farm, looking after their households, educating their children, tending cattle, fetching river water and cooking food for their families. These women still find time to bring the art of hand weaving from Kenya Culture to life. It takes between 2-3 weeks to complete a single Zebag.

My partnership with these Artisans helps them to alleviate poverty by teaching the local women how to make sisal baskets using locally available resources (sisal) and building on traditional skills in basketry. Thanks to the history of Kenyan weaving, these women will not only be able to support their families, but bring this little seen art to you.

Each Zebag sale enables African families to gain economic independence while promoting environmental sustainability in Kenyan communities.

FacebookZebags is committed to the responsible fair trade of Eco fashionable bags.